IPaSPort'2017 International Conference Programme

3 May : University Le Havre Normandie - Amphi Mazeline

10:00 - Welcome
10:30 - Conference Opening in presence of :

  • Normandie Region, Président
  • Le Havre Agglomération (CODAH), Président
  • University Le Havre Normandie, Président

11:00 - Keynote Speaker: César DUCRUET (ERC, Géographie-Cité, Paris)
11:30 - E. Twrdy, M. Zanne and M. Batista
Use of Eurostat Maritime Transportation Data for Analysing Throughput in Ports
11:50 - P. Rigot-Müller
Irish Trade Routes and ’Brexit’: A Logistics Segmentation
12:10 - E. Hämäläinen
Intermodal Transportation Costs
12:30 - Lunch Break
14:00 - K. Wehbe, C. Duvallet and C. Bertelle
Utilization of Blockchain with Smart Ports
14:20 - J. Dixon, A. Ramudhin, K. Hawick and S. Penazzi
Blockchain Mechanisms to solve Tracking and Visibility Issues for Distributed Supply Chain Management
14:40 - O. Lasmoles
The Potential and Legal Stakes of Blockchain
15:00 - A. Belfkih, C. Duvallet and B. Sadeg
The Internet of Things for Smart Ports: Application to the Port of Le Havre
15:20 - T. Démare, S. Balev, C. Bertelle, A. Dutot, D. Fournier and E. Sanlaville
Effects of Port Attractiveness on Logistic Flows in a Competition Context
15:40 - Coffee Break
16:10 - L. Guihéry Development of ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) on Rail Corridor Connecting Ports: The Example of the Betuweroute and Rotterdam Harbor
16:30 - R. Kerbiriou, A. Serry and L. Levêque
Use of Automatic Identification System (AIS) for research in social sciences
16:50 - A. Rajabi and C. Duvallet
CIRMAR (CIRculation MARitime): A Research Platform using AIS (Automatic Identification System) Data
17:10 : End

4 May : EM Normandie

9:00 - Welcome
9:20 - Conference opening in presence of Dean for Research EM Normandie P. Bueno-Merino
9:30 - Keynote Speaker: Paul Bourgine (UNESCO UniTwin Complex System - Digital Campus)
10:00 - C. Millán, D. Ciprés, A. Capella and E. Larrodé
An Integrated Logistics and Transport System for Multimodal Container Terminals
10:20 - E. Sassi, A. Benabdelhafid and S. Hammami
Strategies, Framework and Perspectives of Transport System Capacity’s Evaluation: The Case of Hinterland
10:40 - Coffee Break
11:10 - S. Penazzi, A. Ramudhin and J.W. Dixon
Optimal Policies for Dynamic Container Management in Door to Door Services
11:30 - B. Legros, Y. Bouchery and J. Fransoo
The Role of Consignees in Empty Container Management
11:50 - J. Pigeon, P. Gravé and O. Joly
A model of social acceptance for technological innovation applied to port data sharing intelligent platforms
12:10 - Conclusions

IPaSPort H2020 - Report and perspectives

14:00 to 16:00 : Meetings with partners. Report and future developements.