The emergence of smart ports across Europe requires the integration of innovative technologies from the ICT, transport and energy sectors to become the reference in sustainability. IPaSPort addresses this challenge by designing a smart data exchange platform towards a systematic, multi-scale and integrative management of medium-size port logistic flows inside their hinterlands and corridors in their broader urban and territorial environments. The platform delivers actionable tools for measuring environmental, economic and societal benefits of such evolution and is co-designed with stakeholders of socioeconomic world through territorial ecosystem network including Spain, France, UK/Ireland, Finland/Lithuania, Slovenia, Morocco and Tunisia. The methodology consists in setting out strategic requirements to follow a disruptive idea of moving from centrally controlled and managed Port Community System and Cargo Community System to a distributed system characterising new generation ports infrastructures, including its equipment that become context aware: they can sense, communicate, interact, exchange data, information and knowledge. IPaSPort will develop new systems to manage these infrastructures thus improving supply chain fluidity, safety and security, thanks to blockchain development and big data analysis towards decision-making assistance. Proof of concept, demonstrators and living labs will be implemented to assess the value of the R&D&I results towards use cases defined by users involved or impacted by the efficiency of port processes.

The project will produce tools for measuring environmental, economic and social impacts, to enhance logistic efficiency and the low carbon solution in the port territory corridors and to improve communication and process analysis toward a better social acceptance. IPaSPort outputs will be spread th roughout its ecosystef network in a first step, then throughout TEN-T corridors in the EU for potential adoption.

The elaboration od IPaSPort project is led by University Le Havre Normandie and supported by Region Normandie.